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Ida & Mamie's
Organic Sweet Rose Complexion Cream​
A youthful complexion is a joy to the possessor and a pleasure to the beholder.

This dainty cream enhances the charm of any face. The secret of many of the most beautiful complexions is Ida & Mamie's Complexion Cream.

This exceedingly choice emollient is a toilet cream of rare distinction, exquisitely fragrant, soothing and smooth. A beautiful complexion depends absolutely on proper care. With Ida & Mamie's Complexion Cream, you can transform your skin - make it exquisitely charming.

You can successfully restore the freshness of your complexion. You can bring back its natural suppleness and all its soft tone and delicate coloring by the regular use of Ida & Mamie's Complexion Cream. A cream of incomparable smoothness. See what even one application will do. Use it faithfully. Watch the improvement in your complexion.

Our complexion cream contains a very special organic skin softening ingredient from the Island of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean. This special ingredient is wonderfully freshening to the skin. A very small portion of the cream is all that is needed daily.

The charm of refined beauty. A beautifully kept skin, with that freshness and health which comes from the use of Ida & Mamie's Complexion Cream. It is one of beauty's greatest aids.

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* One 2 oz. container typically lasts 6-8 weeks​​​​.
   We recreate this 300 year old recipe by hand.
   ​​As a moisturizing complexion cream, it is without equal.